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As I always say ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and vaccination is the only safe way to provide immunity against a number of dangerous diseases which can infect our pets. Immunity is the body’s natural ability to fight infection and vaccination confers immunity by exposing the body to a small but harmless dose of the disease in question. Newborn animals are usually protected in their first few weeks by immunity passed through the mother’s first milk (colostrum). This immunity will fade leaving the young susceptible to disease so at this point it is important to start routine vaccinations to protect your pet. Routine vaccination has resulted in a decline in some horrible viruses in the UK but it is important to continue vaccination programmes to prevent re-emergence of these diseases. We at Blaircourt believe in not over-vaccinating our patients so follow guidelines to only give the vaccines that are necessary yearly and a full booster only every few years.



Dogs are routinely vaccinated against :
– Canine Parvovirus
– Distemper
– Infectious Canine Hepatitis
– Leptospirosis
But can also benefit from the Kennel Cough vaccine that protects against Parainfluenza virus and Bordetella Bronchiseptica if they are to spend time in kennels or are at risk of contracting the disease.
Breeding bitches can be vaccinated against Canine Herpes virus and animals that travel abroad are also required to have a vaccine against Rabies.
Our protocol involves a puppy course of 2 doses of vaccine 4 weeks apart from the age of 6 weeks then yearly booster vaccinations.



Cats are routinely vaccinated against :
– Feline Infectious Enteritis
– Feline Herpes Virus and Calicivirus, which cause ‘cat flu’
And they can also be protected from Feline Leukaemia if they are outdoor or at risk cats.
Our protocol involves a kitten course of 2 doses of vaccine from 8 weeks 3-4 weeks apart depending on the age at which they start and a yearly booster.



Rabbits are routinely vaccinated against
– Myxomatosis
– Viral Haemorrhagic Disease
Both these diseases are rapidly fatal so a yearly vaccination programme is essential to protect your bunny.